125cc Motorbikes

Information For Learner Motorcyclists

Whether you're thinking about learning to ride a motorbike or you've just started riding, chances are you'll soon be looking to get a 125cc motorcycle to practise on before eventually moving up to a full licence and bigger bike.

Here you'll find much of the information you need to get you on the road on the right 125cc motorcycle to suit you. From info on passing your CBT to finding cheap 125cc motorcycle insurance, 125motorbikes.co.uk can help point you in the right direction.

So what are the benefits of a 125cc motorbike?

Firstly there is a wide variety avaiable making it relatively simple to find the right one for you. There are sports bikes (my personal choice!), scooters, motorcross bikes and cruisers. Secondly 125cc motorbikes they're relatively cheap to buy and maintain, with a well looked after bike lasting for years.

New and Used 125cc Motorbikes

When it comes to buying a 125cc bike, there are a number of things to consider. If money is no obstacle, you can no doubt go for a brand new motorbike of your choice. If, however, you are on a tight budget and are looking for a second hand 125cc motorbike, you will want to ensure you're getting the absolute best value for your money.

Things to consider when buying a used motorbike include the age of the motorbike, how many miles it has done and what kind of rider the previous owner was - if it was someone who always kept it in a garage and rode it sensibly, it's a safe bet that the bike will be more reliable than one ran into the ground by a 'boy racer'.

Buying a 125cc motorcycle can be quite a commitment to many people, which is why you need to be as informed as possible before making your final decision and where '125 motorbikes' will hopefully help you!

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