Honda PCX 125

Discover the Honda PCX 125 – the ultimate urban commuter. Renowned for its sleek design, unmatched fuel efficiency, and agile handling, this scooter is the perfect match for riders seeking a blend of comfort and practicality. Ideal for beginners and seasoned commuters alike, the PCX 125 boasts a user-friendly automatic transmission, ABS for added safety, and a reputation for reliability. Navigate the city with ease and style on the Honda PCX 125, a smart choice for the discerning urbanite.

Technical Specs

Dimensions & Weight

Seat Height 764 mm
Wheelbase 1,313 mm
Dry Weight 130 kg


Engine & Performance

Engine Type Single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC
Engine Size/Displacement 125 cc
Horsepower and Torque 12.1 hp at 8,750 rpm
11.8 Nm torque at 6,500 rpm


Transmission & Fuel

Number of Gears Automatic CVT
Fuel Capacity 8 litres
Fuel Economy 100 mpg


Chassis & Suspension

Frame Type Tubular steel underbone
Front/Rear Suspension Telescopic fork front suspension /
Twin shock rear suspension
Front/Rear Brake Single disc brake with ABS /
Drum brake


History and Evolution of the Honda PCX125

The Honda PCX 125 is a story of continuous innovation and refinement. Since its debut, this model has charted a course through the bustling streets and the changing landscapes of commuter transport. With each year, the PCX 125 has embraced subtle enhancements, ensuring that each iteration is more attuned to rider needs than the last.

In 2010, the Honda PCX 125 emerged as a fresh face in the urban scooter scene. It immediately set a new standard with its idling stop technology — a first for Honda in the 125cc class. As we journeyed through the decade, each model year brought its own advancements. For instance, the 2012 edition introduced a larger fuel tank, increasing its range and practicality. In 2014, we saw the introduction of LED lighting, while 2018 marked a significant redesign with a new frame and improved engine performance.

Beyond mere technical upgrades, the PCX 125 has reached key milestones that reflect its growing popularity. Celebrated for its reliability, the model crossed significant sales thresholds, making it a common sight in cities across Europe. This evolution is not just about the numbers; it’s about the stories of the commuters and travellers whose daily routines are entwined with the hum of the PCX 125’s engine.

Understanding the DNA of the PCX 125 means appreciating the incremental, yet impactful changes it has undergone. For a detailed year-by-year breakdown, enthusiasts and potential owners can revel in a table that captures these changes at a glance:

Year Update
2010 Introduction, Idling Stop System
2012 Expanded Fuel Tank
2014 LED Lighting
2018 New Frame, Enhanced Engine Performance

These milestones narrate a tale of a motorbike that’s not just surviving but thriving in the fast-paced world of two-wheelers. Through each modification and upgrade, the PCX 125 has retained its essence while adapting to the heartbeat of the modern city.

Performance and Handling

When it comes to navigating the urban sprawl, the Honda PCX 125 shines with agility and ease. The heart of its performance lies in the responsive 125cc engine, providing a smooth and consistent power delivery that’s ideal for both new riders and veterans of the commute. Moreover, Honda’s enhancements over the years have not only improved fuel efficiency but also ensured that the PCX 125 remains a zippy companion in stop-and-go traffic.

The bike’s handling is a further testament to its design philosophy, focusing on rider comfort and control. The suspension system, refined through successive models, absorbs the jolts from city streets, delivering a ride that’s both stable and comfortable. Riders often commend the seamless transmission and the bike’s ability to carve through tight corners with precision, a feature that is paramount in city riding where every second and every inch counts.

Contrasting the PCX 125 with its peers, we notice that it stands out for its balance of power and poise. While it may not be the fastest in its class, the emphasis on user-friendly performance has made it a beloved choice for many. This scooter doesn’t just move, it dances through traffic with a composed manner that inspires confidence.

Riders have shared their experiences of the PCX 125’s handling, often highlighting its intuitive nature and reassuring grip, especially during wet conditions, thanks to its broad tires. The bike’s low center of gravity not only aids in its nimble character but also ensures that riders of all statures can manage it with little effort.

Each journey with the PCX 125 promises a smooth ride, a testament to Honda’s commitment to creating a bike that’s not only powerful enough to keep pace with the rush of city life but also one that’s a pleasure to handle, no matter the destination.

Maintenance and Reliability

The Honda PCX 125 is lauded for its reliability, a hallmark of the Honda brand that has been steadfastly built over years of engineering excellence. This scooter’s maintenance routine is as straightforward as its design, fostering a stress-free ownership experience. Regular maintenance tasks such as oil changes, brake inspections, and air filter replacements are typically all that’s needed to keep the PCX 125 in prime condition.

For those who like to stay ahead of maintenance, the PCX 125 comes with a clearly outlined schedule. An oil change, for instance, is recommended every 4,000 km, while more thorough checks and valve clearance inspections are set for every 16,000 km. Here’s a quick reference guide:

  • Oil Change: Recommended every 4,000 km to ensure the engine runs smoothly.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Needed every 12,000 km to maintain optimal air flow and engine performance.
  • Valve Clearance Inspection: Suggested every 16,000 km to prevent engine issues and maintain performance.
  • Brake Inspection: Should be carried out regularly as needed, especially if any changes in braking performance are noticed.

Honda’s proactive approach to potential issues has been exemplary. Known recalls and service bulletins are addressed efficiently, with information readily available through Honda dealerships and official communication channels. For instance, a known issue with the PCX’s battery was swiftly managed with a recall, showcasing the brand’s commitment to safety and customer service.

When discussing reliability, rider anecdotes are invaluable. Forums and user reviews consistently praise the PCX 125 for its enduring performance. Even high-mileage units often show no significant decline in performance, a testament to the scooter’s build quality. Owners highlight the rarity of unexpected repairs, attributing this to both the bike’s robust design and their adherence to the recommended maintenance schedule.

There are, of course, anecdotes of wear and tear, as with any vehicle. Some riders report exhaust and suspension components requiring attention after extensive use, especially when ridden frequently on rougher roads. However, the consensus in the community is clear: follow the maintenance guide, and the PCX 125 will likely exceed expectations in reliability and longevity.

In essence, the Honda PCX 125 sets a benchmark in the scooter segment for ease of maintenance and consistency in performance. Its reliable nature not only reduces the frequency of garage visits but also instills confidence in riders, knowing their commute is powered by a steadfast companion, mile after mile.

Honda PCX 125 Reviews and Testimonials

Diving into user reviews and testimonials provides a genuine glimpse into the life with a Honda PCX 125. The narrative that emerges from real owners offers a clear picture of the scooter’s performance in the hands of everyday riders.

Fuel efficiency consistently ranks at the top of the list for most praised features. Owners report exceptional mileage, which translates to fewer fuel stops and more savings. Comfort also gets a big thumbs up, with the PCX 125 earning accolades for its plush seat and rider-friendly ergonomics that ease the stress of daily commutes.

On the flip side, some riders point out that while the PCX 125 is a star in the city, its power can feel limited on highways or when overtaking. The storage space, though adequate for daily errands, occasionally leaves riders wanting more, particularly for those who use the scooter for shopping or extended trips. Additionally, some feedback includes a desire for better protection against the elements, which could enhance the riding experience in less-than-ideal weather conditions.


  • Fuel Efficiency: This is where the PCX 125 truly excels, offering impressive fuel economy that is both wallet-friendly and eco-conscious.
  • Riding Comfort: The ergonomic design supports a comfortable ride, appreciated during both short hops and longer urban voyages.
  • Low Maintenance: Reliability is a hallmark, with the scooter’s simple maintenance requirements being a significant part of its appeal.
  • Handling: Agile and easy to manoeuvre, it provides a reassuring and enjoyable ride through congested city streets.


  • High-Speed Performance: The PCX 125 can seem underpowered on faster roads, which may limit its versatility for some riders.
  • Storage Capacity: The available space is generally sufficient but expanding it could improve practicality for a broader range of activities.
  • Weather Protection: Improved protection could enhance comfort during rainy or windy conditions, making for a more pleasant all-weather ride.

In conclusion, the Honda PCX 125 remains a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and economical mode of urban transportation. It excels in areas that matter most to its target audience—efficiency, comfort, and maintenance ease. While it’s not without its shortcomings, they do little to detract from the overall positive reception this scooter has earned among its loyal user base.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will a Honda PCX125 go?

The Honda PCX 125 has a top speed of approximately 60 mph (97 km/h).

How much is a PCX 125 in the UK?

Prices for a new Honda PCX 125 in the UK start at around £3,169, but this can vary based on dealership and location.

Is Honda PCX125 good for beginners?

Yes, the Honda PCX 125 is considered an excellent choice for beginners due to its manageable size, ease of handling, and user-friendly controls.

How many miles per gallon does a Honda PCX 125 get?

The Honda PCX 125 is known for its fuel efficiency, averaging around 100 mpg (miles per gallon), depending on riding conditions and style.

Is the PCX 125 automatic?

Yes, the PCX 125 comes with an automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), making it easy to ride without the need to manually change gears.

Does Honda PCX have ABS?

Yes, newer models of the Honda PCX 125 are equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) on at least one of the wheels, enhancing rider safety during braking.