Honda CB125R

Welcome to the exciting world of the Honda CB125R, a contemporary masterpiece blending performance, style, and Honda’s renowned engineering excellence. This motorcycle, ideal for both new and experienced riders, offers a unique combination of agility and reliability. Whether you’re exploring the scenic countryside or weaving through urban landscapes, the CB125R stands as a versatile companion, promising an exhilarating journey with every ride.

Technical Specs

Dimensions & Weight

Seat Height 816 mm
Wheelbase 1,345 mm
Dry (Wet) Weight 126 kg


Engine & Performance

Engine Type Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled
Engine Size/Displacement 124.7 cc
Horsepower and Torque 13.6 bhp @ 10,000 rpm
10.9 Nm @ 8,000 rpm


Transmission & Fuel

Number of Gears 6-speed
Fuel Capacity 10.1 litres
Fuel Economy Approximately 100 mpg


Chassis & Suspension

Frame Type Steel diamond frame
Front/Rear Suspension 41mm USD fork /
Monoshock damper
Front/Rear Brake Single 296 mm disc with radial-mount 4-piston caliper /
Single 220 mm disc with single-piston caliper


History and Evolution of the Honda CB125R

The inception of the Honda CB125R marked a significant milestone in Honda‘s motorcycle history. It was introduced as part of Honda’s efforts to redefine and energize the 125cc class, a segment popular among new riders and those looking for an efficient urban commuter. With its release, Honda aimed to offer a motorcycle that was not only accessible to novice riders but also appealing to those seeking a blend of performance and style.

Development Through the Years

Since its debut, the CB125R has undergone various iterations, each refining and enhancing its appeal. Initially, the model drew inspiration from its larger siblings in the CB range, borrowing elements of their design and engineering. This approach ensured that even though the CB125R was an entry-level bike, it didn’t compromise on the quality and innovation that Honda is known for.

  • First Generation: The first models of the CB125R set the tone with their minimalist design, featuring LED lights and a digital dashboard, a rarity in the 125cc category at that time.
  • Performance Enhancements: In subsequent years, Honda focused on refining the engine’s performance, aiming to improve efficiency without sacrificing power. They integrated technology such as liquid cooling and fuel injection, which elevated the riding experience.
  • Design Evolution: The CB125R’s design evolved to become more streamlined and aerodynamic, with subtle changes to the fairing and bodywork. These changes not only enhanced the bike’s visual appeal but also improved its handling and performance.
  • Technological Upgrades: Over time, Honda introduced various technological advancements, like improved suspension systems and more efficient braking systems, making the bike safer and more enjoyable to ride.

The Honda CB125R’s journey reflects Honda’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. It’s a testament to the brand’s dedication to catering to the evolving needs of riders, balancing the demands for style, performance, and reliability. This evolution has not only kept the CB125R relevant in the competitive 125cc market but has also established it as a benchmark in its class, admired for its blend of form and function.

Performance and Handling

The Honda CB125R is a standout in urban mobility with its exceptional handling and maneuverability. Its lightweight and compact design, weighing just 145.4 kg, make it incredibly agile, perfect for navigating through busy city streets and tight corners. This agility is amplified by its responsive steering, allowing for swift and precise movements, a key advantage in urban environments. The bike’s dimensions, including a wheelbase of 1,345 mm and a manageable seat height of 816 mm, contribute to its nimble nature, making it a preferred choice for riders of varying heights and experience levels.

Engineered for Smooth Rides

Riders often praise the CB125R for its smooth and comfortable ride quality. The bike’s advanced suspension system, featuring a 41mm USD fork at the front and a monoshock damper at the rear, plays a vital role in this. This setup expertly absorbs bumps and road irregularities, ensuring a smooth ride and keeping the bike stable and controlled. The suspension not only enhances comfort but also instills confidence in the rider, especially important in varying road conditions.

Performance: A Perfect Blend

At the heart of the Honda CB125R is its efficient and robust engine. The 124.7 cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine delivers a power output of 13.6 bhp at 10,000 rpm and a torque of 10.9 Nm at 8,000 rpm. These figures are indicative of a motorcycle that offers a perfect blend of power and control, suitable for both beginner and seasoned riders. The 6-speed transmission ensures smooth gear shifts, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. When it comes to fuel economy, the CB125R is a clear winner, offering an impressive 100 miles per gallon, which is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Braking and Safety

Safety is paramount in the design of the CB125R. The bike is equipped with a high-quality braking system, featuring a single 296 mm disc with a radial-mount 4-piston caliper at the front and a single 220 mm disc with a single-piston caliper at the rear. This system provides excellent stopping power and control, an essential aspect for urban riding. Additionally, the inclusion of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as a standard feature enhances safety, preventing wheel lock-up during emergency braking situations.

Riding Experience: Versatile and Enjoyable

The overall riding experience of the Honda CB125R is one of versatility and enjoyment. Its blend of agile handling, smooth performance, and practical features, such as exceptional fuel efficiency and reliable braking, make it a standout choice in the 125cc category. The bike’s user-friendly nature allows riders to focus on the joy of riding, whether they are commuting through the city or embarking on longer journeys. The CB125R’s ability to cater to a diverse range of riders, from novices to veterans, underlines its reputation as a reliable, enjoyable, and versatile motorcycle.

Maintenance and Reliability

The Honda CB125R is renowned for its low maintenance needs and exceptional reliability, hallmarks of Honda’s engineering. Its 124.7 cc single-cylinder engine is not only efficient and powerful for its size but also notably durable. Regular maintenance tasks, such as oil changes and brake pad replacements, are straightforward, making the CB125R an ideal choice for those new to motorcycle maintenance. The bike’s build quality ensures that components like the suspension, frame, and electrical systems require minimal attention, aside from routine checks. This reliability translates into peace of mind for riders, knowing that their motorcycle will consistently perform at its best with basic care.

Cost-Effective Long-Term Ownership

The cost-effectiveness of owning a Honda CB125R is a significant advantage. Its fuel efficiency, combined with low running and maintenance costs, makes it an economical choice for daily commuting and leisure riding. Honda’s use of high-quality parts in the CB125R means that wear and tear over time is minimized, reducing the frequency and cost of replacements. Additionally, the widespread availability of Honda parts and the simplicity of the bike’s design ensure that when maintenance is required, it can be done cost-effectively, either by the owner or at a service center.

Building on Honda’s Reputation for Reliability

Honda’s reputation for producing reliable vehicles is well-earned and reflected in the CB125R. Owners of this model consistently report high satisfaction levels regarding its dependability over time. The CB125R, like many Honda motorcycles, is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, withstanding various weather conditions and road types. The motorcycle’s consistent performance over time, with minimal unexpected breakdowns, reinforces Honda’s standing as a manufacturer of reliable and enduring motorcycles. For riders looking for a dependable and hassle-free motorcycle, the Honda CB125R stands out as an excellent choice.

Honda CB125R Reviews and Testimonials

The Honda CB125R has received a wealth of positive feedback from its users, solidifying its status as a preferred choice in the 125cc category. Riders often praise its sleek and modern design, which not only looks appealing but also contributes to its aerodynamic efficiency. The bike’s ease of handling is frequently highlighted, especially its agility in urban settings, making it a favorite among city commuters. Many owners are impressed with the fuel efficiency, noting how it significantly reduces running costs. The comfort of the ride, thanks to the well-engineered suspension system, and the bike’s overall reliability are other aspects that receive consistent acclaim.

While the majority of the feedback is positive, there are areas where riders feel the CB125R could improve. Some mention the bike’s power limitations, particularly at higher speeds, suggesting it might not be the best choice for those seeking a high-performance experience. A few comments have been made about the stock tires, with some riders suggesting they could be better suited for wet conditions. Additionally, although the CB125R is praised for its suitability for beginners, some experienced riders might find its capabilities a bit limited for more adventurous or high-speed riding.


  • Stylish Design: The CB125R’s modern and sporty design is widely appreciated.
  • Agility in Urban Environments: Its nimble handling makes it perfect for city commuting.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The bike offers excellent fuel economy, making it cost-effective for regular use.
  • Comfortable Ride: Thanks to its superior suspension, the CB125R provides a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Low Maintenance: The bike is known for its reliability and low maintenance requirements.
  • Beginner-Friendly: It is often recommended as an ideal choice for new riders due to its manageable power and size.


  • Limited High-Speed Performance: The CB125R may not satisfy those looking for high-speed thrills.
  • Tire Performance in Wet Conditions: Some riders feel the stock tires could be better suited for wet conditions.
  • May Not Satisfy Experienced Riders: Riders with more experience might find its performance features a bit basic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top speed of the Honda CB125R?

The Honda CB125R can reach a top speed of approximately 70-75 mph, though some riders may achieve slightly higher speeds under optimal conditions.

Is the Honda CB125R suitable for beginner riders?

Yes, the CB125R is highly recommended for beginners due to its manageable size, power output, and user-friendly handling.

How fuel-efficient is the Honda CB125R?

The CB125R is known for its impressive fuel economy, offering around 100 miles per gallon, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and cost-effective riding.

Are there any common issues with the Honda CB125R?

The most commonly noted issue is its limited power at higher speeds. Some riders also mention that the stock tires could perform better in wet conditions.

Is the Honda CB125R a good long-term investment?

Yes, the CB125R is a sound long-term investment due to its reliability, low maintenance costs, and Honda’s reputation for durability. It’s a practical choice for both daily commuting and leisure riding.