Suzuki RG 125 Gamma

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Suzuki RG 125 Gamma

The Suzuki RG 125 Gamma is a two-stroke 125cc motorcycle that has had a long and varied history. It first appeared on the bike market in 1985 following the success of the RG250 Gamma launched two years earlier. Suzuki had previously released a two stroke 125 bike in its RG series in 1978, but it had limited success and was dropped from their product line by 1980.

It was hoped the new Gamma RG 125 would be a serious contender to the Italian 125 racers, however an uncomfortable ride (particularly for taller riders) and a fair amount of vibration at most speeds made it difficult for many 2-stroke enthusiasts to fall in love with the bike.

The bike saw a number of cosmetic changes over the next few years, but in 1992 the RG125 Gamma was basically completely redesigned.

Technical Specifications of the RG125 Gamma

  • Max Power: 33 Bhp
  • Displacement: 124cc
  • Dry Weight: 125kg
  • Seat Height: 775mm
  • Wheelbase: 1335mm

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