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Derbi GPR 125

Coming from the same stable of Italian 2-stroke racing bikes as the Aprilia RS125 and Cagiva Mito, the Derbi GPR125 more than holds its own in this company. Built by the Piaggio-owned Derbi in 2005, it boasts beautiful styling reminiscent of a Ducati or MV Agusta and performance to match, with speed and handling of a racing 125cc motorcycle. Being slightly larger/wider than many sports 125cc bikes, the Derbi GPR 125 could even be mistaken for one of those larger sports models.

It's worth noting that Derbi gave the bike a complete overhaul in 2009/10, replacing the 2-stroke engine with a tamer 4-stroke engine - however we will be discussing the arguably more popular original version of the bike.

Derbi GPR 125 - SideThe 2-stroke engine sourced from Yamaha produces a claimed 33Bhp deristricted (restrictions are built in for those on a provisional motorcycle licence to ensure compliance) and a top speed of 90mph. It is the same engine used in the Yamaha TZR125, meaning engine parts will swap between the two motorbikes. On the subject of spares, it is also essentially the same motorcycle under the fairings as a Gilera SC125, meaning many if not all parts are interchangeable.

A lot of GPR125 owners will say the factory gear ratio settings are not particularly optimal and some slight tweaks will vastly improve the acceleration of these bikes. This will lose some of the top speed capabilities but it is more than made up for in a more lively ride.

Technical Specifications of the GPR125

  • Max Power: 33 Bhp
  • Displacement: 124cc
  • Dry Weight: 125kg
  • Seat Height: 810mm
  • Wheelbase: 1355mm

Buying a Derbi GPR125

The Derbi GPR125 is certainly not amongst the cheaper 125cc motorbikes you can buy, with a new model setting you back close to 4,000. This is certainly more expensive than the popular Honda CBR125, though you do get a better set of performance specifications for that extra money. However the Derbi GPR 125 is arguably less reliable with a poorer build quality, meaning depreciation is a factor to bear in mind when choosing what 125cc machine to buy.

It's worth looking at the used bike market for a good deal on a Derbi GPR125, where a 2nd hand bike in good condition can be found at around the 2,000 mark. However be wary when buying privately - due to the bike's racing style it may be difficult to find a 2-stroke that hasn't been ridden to within an inch of its life. Make sure to check the bike's full service history, and look to buy from a dealership if possible.

Derbi GPR 125 For Sale

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