125cc Motorcycle Insurance

Recent news suggests that an increasing number of people are being caught riding motorcycles without tax or insurance. Seeing as statistics show that a motorcycle rider is 30% more likely to be involved in an accident than a car driver, it simply isn't worth the risk.

Motorcycle insurance is relatively cheap compared to car insurance, particularly if you look around at specialist motrbike insurers such as Bennets and MCE.

For example, a 23 year old male on a provisional license can be quoted on a 125cc supersport motorbike for upwards of £1300 from a mainstream insurer but, with a little searching through comparison sites such as Quotezone, quotes can be found for as little as £400 from a specialist motorcycle insurer .

So what factors are taken into account when finding the right insurance for your 125cc motorbike?

Personal Details

Similarly to car insurance, details about the person that wants to be registered to the 125cc motorbike have a large bearing on the cost of insurance. Things like your age and experience will naturally benefit you the older and more experienced a rider you are, as long as your history is clean! (i.e. no previous accidents, etc.)

Your address can affect your insurance quote - as most of us know, unfortunately some areas of the country have higher rates of theft than others. Also, where your bike is kept when you're not riding it is a big factor. Leaving your bike parked out in the street in built up areas greatly increases the risk of it being stolen - motorcycle insurers much prefer you to keep your motorbike locked up in a garage.

125cc Motorcycle Details

Once you have your personal details out of the way, it's time to declare the type of motorcycle you want to insure yourself on. As you can imagine, the more powerful the bike, the higher the insurance risk. For this reason it's very important to keep track of any modifications done, and to have them done by a professional. The last thing you want to happen is you get involved in an accident and your insurer finds there is a custom modification made to the motorcycle - it can lead to your insurance being voided.

As you would expect, details such as the age and value of the bike will also be required.

You will most likely also have to declare how much you plan on using the motorcycle. For instance, whether you will be using it as part of your job or simply commuting to your workplace - the latter will normally lead to a more favourable quote.

Type of Motorcycle Insurance

There are three types of motorcycle insurance:

  • Third Party
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft
  • Fully Comprehensive

Third party insurance will cover you for the costs you may be liable for to other people involved in a collision (every road user in the UK has to be covered for this as a minimum). Third party, fire and theft (as the description suggests) additionally covers you in the case of your motorcycle being damaged by fire or stolen. Fully comprehensive insurance additionally covers you for damages to your own motorcycle in the event of a collision.

So now you are equipped with that little bit more information about 125cc motorcycle insurance, be sure to look around and find the best insurance quote for you!

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