Suzuki EN 125

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Suzuki EN 125

The Suzuki EN 125 is one of a number of Suzuki 125cc commuter bikes and one that has proven particularly popular as an import to the UK (it has never been officially released as a UK Suzuki bike).

Often compared to the Honda CG125, the Suzuki EN 125 ticks all the right boxes - it's relatively cheap (roughly £1800 from new), reliable and easy for a first time motorbike rider to get to grips with. Keeping the bike in good shape with services is not a problem, as being a Suzuki motorbike, spare parts are quite easy to come by.

While not a particularly fast 125cc bike (topping out at around 65-70 mph), the EN125 receives rave reviews from many young riders who have got thousands of miles out of their bikes with no issues at all. Fuel consumption is remarkably efficient, helping to keep running costs down to a minimum.

Technical Specifications of the EN125

  • Max Power: 11.4 Bhp
  • Displacement: 124cc
  • Dry weight: 122Kg
  • Seat height: 746mm
  • Wheelbase: 1265mm

Buying a Suzuki EN125

As mentioned, the Suzuki EN 125 has never been officially released in the UK so the only way to buy one brand new is through an importer. Import bikes are often associated with problems such as the speedomoter being in kilometers per hour, and regulations and restrictions sometimes being set differently on foreign machines. However this doesn't seem to have been a problem for the Suzuki EN 125, as a large number have been imported over the years and reception has been mostly positive.

This popularity over the years means there a good number of the motorbikes in the UK now, meaning the second hand Suzuki EN 125 market is growing steadily with many opportunities to find a good deal on this reliable 125cc motorbike.

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