Megelli 125 R Sport

Megelli 125

Hitting the market only as recently as 2008, Megelli are a UK company whose Megelli 125 motorbikes are built in China from parts designed in Europe and manufactured in Taiwan. A solid reliable build coupled with a relatively cheap price have made it a popular choice for learner motorcyclists.

Megelli 125 R Sport, M Super Motard, S Naked

The Megelli 125 comes in three different styles - 125R (Sport), 125M (Motard) and 125S (Street/Naked). The Sport model has full sport fairings, made to look like a replica race bike. The Street/Naked model has a similar build but without the pabels covering the engine. And the Motard model is built with a chassis to specifically support offroad and motorcross use.

All three styles are different in appearance but have the same engine and mechanics underneath, so there is no real difference in performance. The 4-stroke engine might not produce the same power as some of the more powerful two-stroke 125cc bikes, but a solid build looks set to establish good reliability from the Megelli motorbikes.

Technical Specifications of the Megelli 125

  • Max Power: 11 Bhp
  • Displacement: 124cc
  • Dry weight: 110Kg
  • Seat height: 800mm
  • Wheelbase: 1349mm

Buying a Megelli 125

As the Megelli company is still relatively in its infancy, there is little chance of finding second hand Megelli 125 to buy at the moment, so opting for the brand new version may be easier. There are an increasing number of Megelli dealers in the UK, with a full list available on the website.

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